Our Mission


The empowerment of young girls is one of the most amazing investments we can make in today's society.  Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of girls  and women from all walks of life.



If I could choose one word to describe how IMANEE has impacted me over these years I would say "love."  As my IMANEE sisters/mentors and I spoke about ourselves , broke the ice on things we did and didn’t like, shared our interests & got to see all of the different personalities amongst us, I felt as if it helped me to instill my uniqueness and embrace all of the characteristics I didn’t realize about myself before!


IMANEE wasn’t just an organization for me to join, It became my safe place. A place where I gain confidence, independence and growth. It shaped me into the person I am today. Being apart of IMANEE gave me a sisterhoo.png